Transportation and Shipping


While many websites provide the base price of the available machines, they often fail to include transportation expenses, which can amount to thousands of Euros depending on the distance and dimensions. These costs play a crucial role in determining the overall worthiness of the purchase.

Moreover, buyers typically invest a significant amount of time in searching for and organizing the most cost-effective transportation, leading to delays in handling and deployment of the machine. Fortunately, we offer the convenience of providing an upfront and competitive shipment fee for the selected item, delivered to the port of your choice through our online platform. 


Tailored Transport Solutions

Each transportation arrangement is customized to meet your specific needs. Transport fees and related documentation are essential components of every transaction. As machines frequently exceed standard dimensions and weight limits, transportation costs can become significant. To minimize these expenses, we provide our customers with the following options:


  1. 1. Container Loading/Transport/Shipment: Our services include container loading, transportation, and shipment, ensuring the secure delivery of your machines.

  2. 2. Loading Ramp: We offer loading ramps to facilitate the safe and efficient loading of your machines.

  3. 3. RoRo Shipping: We facilitate Roll-on/Roll-off shipping, allowing for streamlined transportation of your machinery on specialized vessels.

  4. 4. Road Transport: Our comprehensive road transport services ensure that your machines are safely transported to their destination.

By tailoring our transport solutions to your requirements, we strive to minimize costs and simplify the logistics associated with moving machines that surpass standard dimensions and weight restrictions.